Station No.1

Located in the heart of West Corners, Station 1 is our 5 bay headquarters. Built in 1980, Station 1 houses our main apparatus, Communication Room, District and Department offices, The Dave Ring Training Room, Squad Room, Kitchen and the Chuck Louden Training Building. With over 30 active members responding from the northern part of the fire district, Station 1 responds to all mutual aid and FAST calls.

Station No.2

Just off the beaten path, Station 2 was built in the hay day of IBM Glendale. Built in the 1960’s the 3 bay Station 2 house our Med Team and UTV Brush Fire equipment. Station 2 also has a Communications Room and our Workout Facility, available for all members. With over 10 members in the southern part of the fire district, Station 2 responds directly to all fire alarms within the district and full response mutual aid alarms.