Our History

December 20, 1918 a meeting was held at the home of Jack Gallagher to establish a fire department in West Corners. The department was organized with 5 members using a 4 wheel vehicle donated by Valley Hose Co. (Union). This vehicle was chemical tank which had 200 feet of garden hose mounted on the vehicle.

Year’s later reorganization started in the district. The first piece of motorized fire fighting equipment was purchased. A 1924 Model T Ford Truck with three chemical tanks mounted in the rear of the vehicle. The method of alarm was established, which was a telephone call to Gallagher’s skating rink, in turn, a bell was rung from the top of the one stall garage fire station.

Today the department holds over 40 active firefighters running out of two stations. Eight pieces of apparatus with start of art technology enables proper fire protection for the fire district. Engine 98 and mutual aid procedures help ensure that fire crews will always be responding no matter what time of day.